Using Predictive Analytics & Machine Learning to Improve Social Sector Outcomes

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Using machine learning and big data from nonprofit IRS 990’s, foundation and other charitable giving, zip code level economic data, and population demographics, we can predict, among other things, which nonprofits will be financially healthy and why. Join us for a workshop with Pete York, evaluation expert and data scientist, who will share how these methods can help program officers, leaders and managers discover precisely what works, for whom and to use on-demand insights to achieve better outcomes. 

Administrative Learning Network: Influencing Others 12-18-2018

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Administrative Learning Network Resources: Managing Up

One of the primary ways you can exert influence in your organization is through relationships. We'll explore best practices to build strong relationships and how those strategies can increase your influence with stakeholders and staff at all levels. You may have heard the term “managing up” - we'll apply those concepts to all relationships with others who are in a position to influence your work and/or who you want to influence. This approach can improve team dynamics, work processes, and the results you achieve together. 

Opioid Crisis Learning Session 9-24-18

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The nation’s opioid crisis did not result overnight. A “perfect storm” has been brewing and sweeping our nation for decades and Pennsylvania is being hit hard. Currently, the state possesses the fourth-highest rate of drug overdose. On average, 13 Pennsylvanians die each day and more than half of the drug overdoses occur due to opioid misuse.  Stakeholders are working diligently to combat this crisis, but resources are limited, data and systems remain fragmented, and policies are outdated.

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