About Us

Grantmakers of Western Pennsylvania (GWP) is a professional membership association formed in 1985 by leaders who wanted to create a place where grantmakers could learn and work together to increase their community impact.

We are a Philanthropy Serving Organization, which is a network of organizations and individuals who practice philanthropy. Our membership includes private, corporate and community foundations; corporate giving programs, United Ways; and other federations.  

Our members are clustered in western Pennsylvania, but we welcome members located at a distance who are interested in connecting with those in our region. 


To promote excellence in philanthropy – supporting an effective, growing philanthropic community that strengthens our region.


GWP will contribute to positive community change by enhancing the impact of its members’ philanthropy and by increasing understanding of the scale, nature and value of philanthropy in western Pennsylvania. 

In support of its mission, GWP works to:

  • Build a community of grantmakers who are informed, effective and engaged
  • Support knowledge-sharing and skills development so that grantmakers are effective individually, collaboratively and collectively
  • Advance public policies that support effective philanthropy, a high-performing nonprofit sector and a thriving region
  • Champion philanthropy and the sector it supports
  • Promote public understanding of the value and characteristics of private philanthropy


GWP does not make grants or provide any financial assistance to other nonprofits; please see Frequently Asked Questions for more details about what we do.