Our Guiding Principles

Publication date: 
January, 1985


Personal and Professional Integrity. Staff, board members, and volunteers act with honesty, integrity, and openness as representatives of GWP.

Clarity of Mission. GWP is guided by a clearly stated mission that guides its priorities, services, and activities.

Engaged Governance. GWP is led by an active Board of Directors that establishes and oversees its mission, strategic direction, finances, policies and operations.

Stewardship of Member Dues. GWP considers stewardship of member dues its highest priority and utilizes its financial resources prudently to support its mission.

Ethical and Organizational Standards. GWP adheres to the highest standards of ethical behavior in all of its actions and demonstrates best practices as a membership association.

Excellence in Service. GWP's staff is committed to consistently providing the highest quality service to each member, responding promptly to members and setting a high standard for continuous quality improvement.

Openness and Communications. GWP is prompt in providing information to members and, when appropriate, to community groups.

Diversity and Inclusion. GWP values the diversity wihin its membership, seeks diversity in its leadership and staff, and promotes an environment that values respect, fairness and integrity.

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