Learning Networks at GWP

Intentional collaborations increase the impact of philanthropy by combining everyone’s knowledge and expertise. GWP learning networks are designed to promote such collaborations and can be structured to support:

  • Learning together about an issue (e.g. education, population health)
  • Swapping strategies and practices shared by a type of funding organization (e.g. family foundations)
  • Fostering exchange between peers (e.g. program officers, grants managers)

Learning Network Objectives

  • Building relationships with other GWP members with a shared interest
  • Sharing information, successes, challenges and promising practices
  • Learning from experts and peers
  • Participating in professional and leadership development
  • Exploring defined collaboration and joint action, when desired

Learning Network Guidelines

Networks work best when they are driven by their participants. Accordingly, GWP learning networks require designated volunteer leadership and a core group of members who participate in regular network activity.

GWP learning networks operate only as our members want and need them. We will suspend or discontinue a network if its members determine that their goals have been met or if volunteer leadership is no longer in place.

Roles of Learning Network Volunteer Leader(s)

  • Work with GWP staff to articulate the network’s purpose and goals
  • Coordinate with GWP to organize learning agendas, topics, dates, speakers, and logistics
  • Assist in developing and disseminating content for network announcements and follow-up resources
  • Act as a lead/host for network sessions
  • Participate in annual network evaluation

Roles of GWP Staff

  • Support volunteer leaders to identify and document the network’s purpose, goals, and activities
  • Assist with planning and implementation of network activities
  • Act as a liaison with other funders’ networks locally, statewide, and nationally
  • Create and maintain a presence on GWP’s website for network resources
  • Arrange modest financial support through GWP’s programming budget
  • Create and send network announcements
  • Register attendees and maintain records related to network sessions
  • Participate in network gatherings; disseminate post-session resources
  • Design and distribute an annual network evaluation