Corporate Funders Learning Network

Photo credit:  CREATE Lab<br>Many corporate grantmakers are funding STEM projects in their communities.GWP’s corporate funder learning network affords the opportunity to build strong relationships with colleagues in corporate giving and CSR. Participants benefit from benchmarking against one another, as well as exchanging strategies for how to capture the value and impact of their company’s philanthropy. Finally, GWP’s corporate members can connect with the region’s leading private foundations and a wide range of civic stakeholders – becoming part of the region’s broader philanthropic sector.

In the News

PR For A Purpose: Bringing Corporate Social Responsibility Back To Basics
Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) was originally conceived as a way for corporations to have a positive impact on their employees, stakeholders, communities and the world. While some notable organizations still take those earnest intentions to heart -- and many more should, given notable directives like that from BlackRock -- others have used it more as a reputation builder than as a change maker.

The Letter That We’ve Been Waiting For
Thursday, March 15, 2018

Mark Shamley, President & CEO of ACCP, points out five things that corporate leaders should consider to make their corporate citizenship programs add value to their companies and increase community impact. 

Do You Have a Program Idea?

We are always looking for new program ideas. We are happy to organize a program you feel other members would find beneficial.  If you have an idea for a program or speaker for the Corporate Roundtable, please contact Jenny Nielsen.