Early Childhood Funders Alliance

How to Engage with Us

Virtual Learning Circles

Virtual Learning Circles are monthly events featuring local leaders, community members and early childhood stakeholders for discussion about relevant topics including advocacy, policy, community programs, resources and issues impacting families with young children. The PN-3 Framework, social determinants of health and participant interests will inform the development of the series. 

The series launched in October 2022 and we will host one session per month through April 2023. After we determine the level of interest and engagement we will assess the frequency for year two of the project. 

The discussions would be panel style with a moderator from a local organization aligned to the topic of the session. This may include systems leaders, executive directors, service providers or policy makers.

Funders Learning Series

To support a collaborative vision for Southwestern Pennsylvania’s young children and their families, Grantmakers of Western Pennsylvania will host an intimate learning table series to foster relationships, new ideas, and develop decisive action plans. Grantmakers and identified partners are focused on improving the reach and impact of programs and services serving young children and their families through innovative solutions that maximize public resources while capitalizing on collaborative infrastructure, emerging best practices, and evidence-based decision making. Four small-scale gatherings, beginning in October 2022 and running through June 2023, will invite leading national experts to share their knowledge with selected members of the Southwest Pennsylvania Funders Alliance and the Investment Alliance Collaborative. 

In addition to leveraging national expertise to support local decision-making, the learning table series will allow regional organizational leadership to share their on-the-ground experience regional funders in an open dialogue of how to best serve the region’s most vulnerable families, specially in the issue areas of maternal and infant health, family economic security, and early childhood education. 


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Upcoming Events

Sorry, but there are no Early Childhood Funders Alliance events at this time.


Investment Advisory Councils: A Community-Driven Grantmaking Pilot 
Publication date: 02/2023 
Investment Advisory Councils: A Community-Driven Grantmaking Pilot, shares findings from a community-driven grantmaking process guided by Investment Advisory Councils and highlights implications for future collaborative grantmaking efforts.

Prenatal-to-Three in Allegheny County  
Publication date: 01/2023 
This brief includes a PN-3 framework, an interactive map of PN-3 services, a PN-3 policy analysis, and guidelines for equitable grantmaking.

What is the Early Childhood Funder’s Alliance?

The Early Childhood Funder’s Alliance of Southwestern Pennsylvania is a voluntary collective of regional philanthropic stakeholders with a shared commitment to bettering the lives and opportunities of the region’s children and families. Participation in the alliance offers the opportunity to increase impact, share resources, and create continuity across like-minded investments.


The Early Childhood Funders Alliance provides a space for local funders to establish a common vision to influence systemic change, strengthen infrastructure and promote cross-sector collaboration – improving the lives of the youngest citizens in Southwestern Pennsylvania.


About Candor & Co Consulting

Candor and Co Consulting is working with the team at Grantmakers of Western Pennsylvania to support the Early Childhood Funders Alliance of Southwestern Pennsylvania. Candor partners with funders and community organizations to create positive outcomes for children, families and communities through program design, strategic implementation, and social impact.

The Candor team centers community at the core of their work to build the infrastructure necessary to navigate change and shape an equitable future for children and their families.