Prenatal-to-Three in Allegheny County

Publication date: 
January, 2023

Since Spring 2020, The Heinz Endowments has partnered with Child Trends, a national research organization focused on child and family well-being, to create Prenatal-to-Three (PN-3) resources and tools. These tools aim to contribute to a PN-3 system in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania that equitably supports all families with children from pregnancy to age three across multiple domains of well-being.

This brief includes a PN-3 framework, an interactive map of PN-3 services, a PN-3 policy analysis, and guidelines for equitable grantmaking. This work was informed by over 30 stakeholder interviews in Allegheny County, roundtables of early care and education directors, and a public forum in which child care providers and parents in Allegheny County were participating. Illustrative quotes from these interviews and roundtable discussions are provided throughout this brief.

Wilkinson, A., Padilla, C.M., Andrews, K., Ulmen, K., Carney, M., Hilty, R., & Tout, K. (2021). Prenatal-to-Three in Allegheny County. Child Trends.

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