GWPs website features resources from 34 regional associations, their 4,000 grantmaking foundation members, and colleague philanthropic partners.  GWP members have access to a curated collection of presentations, white papers, and research reports from regional grantmaker associations nationwide.

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Member Resources

 Program Resources

GWP members have access to past program recordings, and session materials. Learn More


 Data and Reports

GWP has partnered with Foundation Center to bring top-line data about the philanthropy landscape to regional foundations, nonprofits, policymakers, and mediaLearn More

Grantseeker Resources

We receive requests for funding nonprofit organizations, but GWP does not make grants or provide any financial assistance to other nonprofits. We provide the resources to help grantseekers in their search and we encourage you to reach out to your funder for specific application details. When approaching any funder, the best recomendation is to visit the funder's website for its most current processes, funding priorities and application deadlines.