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Statewide Rapid Response Webinar on Family Separation and Detention in PA - What Pennsylvania Funders Need to Know 08-07-18

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This webinar highlights the current situation of separation and detention, how current and past policies are impacting communities and families in Pennsylvania, and will highlight immediate and long term actions funders can take.

Keystone Policy Series: CENSUS 2020: What Pennsylvania Funders Need to Know

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The attendees of this webinar heard from Erin Casey, Executive Director of Pennsylvania Voice and Keely Monroe, Democracy Program Manager at Funders’ Committee for Civic Participation who talked about why the 2020 Census matters; what’s at stake, both nationally and in Pennsylvania; the value of full count efforts currently underway, such as Keystone Counts; and how funders can take the lead now to lay important groundwork for a full

Keystone Policy Series: Combating Pennsylvania’s Opioid Epidemic

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The opioid epidemic affects Pennsylvanians from every walk of life. Rich, poor, black, white, young, or old – the opioid crisis is unprecedented in its reach and devastation.  At least ten Pennsylvanians die every day from a drug overdose, with over 3,500 overdose deaths in Pennsylvania in 2015 alone. In recent years, major U.S. policy efforts have been aimed at combating the epidemic of opioid addiction and overdose deaths.

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