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Opioid Crisis Learning Session 9-24-18

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The nation’s opioid crisis did not result overnight. A “perfect storm” has been brewing and sweeping our nation for decades and Pennsylvania is being hit hard. Currently, the state possesses the fourth-highest rate of drug overdose. On average, 13 Pennsylvanians die each day and more than half of the drug overdoses occur due to opioid misuse.  Stakeholders are working diligently to combat this crisis, but resources are limited, data and systems remain fragmented, and policies are outdated.

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Statewide Rapid Response Webinar on Family Separation and Detention in PA - What Pennsylvania Funders Need to Know 08-07-18

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This webinar highlights the current situation of separation and detention, how current and past policies are impacting communities and families in Pennsylvania, and will highlight immediate and long term actions funders can take.


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