The Pittsburgh Foundation Launches A New Social Justice Fund

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

The Pittsburgh Foundation and has made eight grants totaling $158,000 to local organizations to launch a new fund to support social justice activists and advocates working in Pittsburgh. The goal of the fund is to reduce barriers to funding, increase engagement and influence of community members and challenge systems that perpetuate racial and economic inequity.

The Social Justice Fund was created in partnership with social justice leaders who urged the Foundation to increase its support for social change efforts that are led by those who are closest to the community issues it seeks to address. In response, a committee comprised of nine social justice activists and advocates working on issues ranging from police accountability to immigration reform began working with Foundation staff in June 2017. The Foundation’s board established the fund with an initial grant of $250,000 in November. A five -person advisory board was established in March to guide the Fund’s implementation.

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