Leadership Transition At Colcom Foundation

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Timothy M. Inglis will retire as President of Colcom Foundation effective June 30, 2019. This announcement follows a twenty year career in public accounting prior to twenty three years with the Foundation. Tim will continue to serve the Foundation in a part time capacity as Treasurer and Board member. Reflecting on his work in the nonprofit sector, he recounts, “It has been an honor to know Mrs. May, the late benefactor of Colcom Foundation, and to sustain her philanthropic legacy. I take comfort that the stewardship of Mrs. May’s vision will continue to be honored.” 

John S. Barsotti will succeed Mr. Inglis as President of the Foundation. Mr. Barsotti has worked closely with Mr. Inglis for 15 years while serving as the Foundation’s Vice President of Investments: “Tim has been a mentor and friend during our shared tenure at the Foundation since 2004. His continued involvement will be valued for many years.”

Mr. Barsotti is a Pittsburgh native with deep family ties to the city, its steel mills, trades, and culinary offerings. As a husband and father of two sons now in college and high school, he has taken his turn coaching baseball and soccer, and more recently applies his love of photography for many events. Prior to joining the Foundation, Mr. Barsotti graduated from Duquesne University in 1988 and worked for Mellon Private Wealth Management as a portfolio manager and senior relationship officer in the Endowment and Foundation Group.

As a teenager in the city, Mr. Barsotti witnessed the challenges as families struggled to cope. At the crossroads of another renaissance, he now observes, “The Foundation has perpetuated Mrs. May’s love of nature and her everlasting respect for the people of this region, our hometown. For many in Pittsburgh, this is the only home we have ever known. The privilege of securing Mrs. May’s love for our home place, its people, regional assets, its quality of life will never be underestimated.”

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