Member Services

GWP’s goal is to build a community of grantmakers that is informed, effective and engaged.  We work to:

  • Educate and Inform  Throughout the year, GWP offers programming tailored to our members’ interests and needs, e-newsletters sharing news and resources and a library of sample documents and policies, searchable 24/7.  
  • Convene    The more we connect electronically, the more value there is to gathering around one table. GWP hosts and facilitates funder networks organized by issue or type of funding organization.
  • Engage   GWP works to communicate about philanthropy to nonprofits, policymakers and the public. We share information about the scale, characteristics and constraints of philanthropy so that others understand the value of private-sector dollars dedicated to the public interest.
  • Connect  GWP links people in philanthropy to peers locally and regionally, ensuring that they have a broad community of people to tap for deep local knowledge and experience.  And, with a few keystrokes, GWP can forward members’ queries to 34 sister associations of grantmakers across the U.S. – the largest philanthropy network in the country.


GWP On Call is a core service of your membership. GWP staff are always available to help you find information and resources on a customized, one-on-one basis.   And thanks to our 34 sister associations, GWP can also tap resources and knowledge from 4,000+ grantmakers across the country. It’s as simple as a phone call or an email to GWP. We look forward to assisting you!

How can we help?

What kinds of requests have GWP members had over the past few months?

  • Can we request an email list for all member contacts?
  • Is there interest in a program about data collection and reporting?
  • I need some salary benchmarking for my staff.
  • Do you have a benchmark on the cost of D&O Insurance?
  • Do you have philanthropy data for Allegheny County?