Hurricane Matthew Disaster Resources

GWP would like to share the most recent information we have received from The Center for Disaster Philanthropy (CDP) and how funders can help in recovery after Hurricane Matthew.  

Over the weekend, the post-tropical cyclone Matthew continued to assault North Carolina and the Southeast coast with heavy rains and sustained 75 mile an hour winds, resulting in storm surges and devastating flash floods. President Obama has declared a state of emergency in Georgia and Florida; South Carolina and North Carolina may soon follow suit.

There has been significant damage in impoverished Haiti and across the Caribbean and thousands of lives and livelihoods have been affected by the storm. The bridge connecting the affected area to Port au Prince has collapsed due to flooding and it is expected that flooding will exacerbate preexisting epidemics such as cholera, dengue fever, and Zika.

Based on CDP’s understanding of the region and this current storm, it is anticipated that water, sanitation, and hygiene needs along with food, housing, agriculture, and tourist livelihood rebuilding needs are going to be immense.

How can funders help?

CDP currently has three ways that the private funder community can get information and counsel on how to effectively respond to the hurricane:

  1. For current facts and stats on the disaster as well as to learn about funder and NGO response, please see the Hurricane Matthew disaster profile.
  2. CDP is co-hosting a webinar on Tuesday, October 11. The webinar will provide a comprehensive update on the Hurricane’s destruction. Register here: Hurricane Matthew Webinar.
  3. Please feel free to call CDP’s Disaster Hotline at 206.972.0187.  Its staff will happily speak with you about how to allocate your resources (human, financial, and technical) to meet the needs of Hurricane Matthew-affected communities.
  4. Florida Philanthropic Network has created a resource page on its website where they’ll be sharing updates on what’s happening in Florida and how philanthropy is responding.


Additional Resources