Stemming the Tide of Eviction in Allegheny County

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Tuesday, June 15, 2021
12:00pm to 1:30pm EDT
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In April, The Pittsburgh Foundation released an extensive research report, “Eviction in Allegheny County: a mixed-methods study.” The research, conducted in collaboration with Allegheny County’s Department of Human Services (DHS), found that eviction disproportionately impacts the county’s lowest-income residents, happens with alarming frequency, and that no one, including landlords, wants to evict or be evicted.

In this special event for the funding community, eviction research project leaders Jane Downing, senior program officer for economic and community development, and Michael Yonas, Dr.Ph, vice president for public health, research and learning, will provide a high-level review of the recommendations in the report. Attendees will then divide into break-out rooms for a deep dive and reactions to the recommendations. You’ll be asked to consider:

  • Which of the recommendations resonate most with you and the mission of your foundation, and how do they connect to what you’re funding already?
  • What is missing in the report and what ideas might you have for further exploration?
  • What are potential opportunities for collaboration within the philanthropic community moving forward?

This will be offered as a virtual meeting. Connection details will be shared after registration. 

About the Report:

The eviction report by The Pittsburgh Foundation is the first time that eviction-filing data from Allegheny County courts and housing communities was analyzed alongside interviews with 40 tenants and landlords. The report comes at a time when public awareness of eviction is soaring and as the country faces a mass wave of potential eviction filings when COVID-related eviction moratoria end. Five years ago, when the research project was launched, few people outside of tenants, landlords and housing advocates were even considering the impacts of eviction, but thanks to the Eviction Working Group convened in 2016, Allegheny County has a head start in coordinating efforts to create an eviction-prevention system.

The recommendations from the report include:

  • Coordinating diversion and housing stabilization programs.
  • Increasing the supply of affordable housing units.
  • Reforming court policies and procedures to reduce the social and economic impact of eviction filings on the most vulnerable. 
  • Improving public housing administrative processes and procedures and making them easier to understand.
  • Advocating for procedural, policy and legislative changes to create fair and equitable eviction policies. 

We are committed to making GWP programs accessible to all members. If you have questions, or if an accommodation would be helpful to fully participate in this program, please reach out to Paula or call 412-471-6488 and we will make every effort to accommodate your request. 

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