Our Region’s Affordable Housing Crisis: An Essential Primer

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Tuesday, March 21, 2023
1:00pm to 2:30pm EDT
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The Pittsburgh Department of City Planning recently completed an update to the 2016 Housing Needs Assessment (HNA) that supported the Affordable Housing Taskforce. The updated assessment provides a comprehensive understanding of housing needs and conditions across all household incomes and housing typologies. It also establishes an objective, data-driven resource on the housing market to guide future policy decisions. 
Hear from the Department of City Planning about how they intend to use the updated HNA to inform policies that promote, produce, and preserve access to affordable housing opportunities that are safe and healthy and allow all residents to thrive. 
This meeting will serve to level set and provide a launching point for funders who are interested in exploring housing issues together. During this meeting we will identify areas for deeper learning and potential collaboration. 
Karen Abrams- Director 
City of Pittsburgh, Department of City Planning 
Christopher Corbett- Senior Housing Planner 
City of Pittsburgh, Department of City Planning 

More about the Housing Needs Assessment: 

The HNA is a people-focus document that condenses the results of the assessments into three needs narratives for People Needs, Housing Needs, and Neighborhood Needs. Recommended Strategies address all three needs, with each need integral to the City’s continued economic growth, quality of life, and social welfare.  
  • People: City residents, including how housing issues are affecting Pittsburgh families and how housing relates to larger demographic trends  
  • Neighborhoods: Pittsburgh neighborhoods, including how housing affects the health of these neighborhoods, and how neighborhoods are changing as a result of housing-related issues  
  • Housing: The City’s housing stock, including the condition and vacancy status of housing, the affordability of housing for current and future residents, and current investments into the stock 

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