NCFP Community Conversation- Values-based Leadership for the Future of Health: A Conversation with Barbara Bush and Global Health Corps

GWP Members Only Program
Monday, October 26, 2020
12:00pm to 1:00pm EDT
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Join us in welcoming to our virtual stage Global Health Corps (GHC) Co-Founder and Board Chair Barbara Bush and CEO Heather Anderson. Barbara will share a brief history of her inspiration and initial vision for the organization, and then engage in a conversation with other panelists that illuminates GHC’s journey from launching as a small startup in 2009 to building a community of 1000+ leaders who are relentlessly pursuing health equity against a backdrop of a global pandemic, racial justice uprisings, and escalating climate change.

We’ll also hear firsthand perspective from GHC alumni Sandra Isano and Joanna Galaris on how they’re responding to COVID-19 in Kigali, Rwanda and Washington, D.C.


Barbara Bush,Co-Founder and Board Chair, Global Health Corps

Heather Anderson, CEO, Global Health Corps

Joanna Galaris, Fellow, Global Health Corps

Sandra Isano, Researcher, Lecturer, and Coordinator for Community Based Education; University of Global Health Equity

This webinar is open to the public, but is designed for giving families and those who work with them. Connection details will be shared after registration.