How Foundations in our Region are Approaching Impact Investing

GWP Members Only Program
Wednesday, November 18, 2015
9:00am to 10:30am EST
Centre City Tower, Montour Room
650 Smithfield Street
5th Floor
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This conversation is open to any funder, including those who are curious about the topic but not ready to act.

Many foundations of all sizes have begun to use investments, as well as grantmaking, to expand their philanthropic impact.  At the same time, governments, nonprofits and other mission-driven organizations continue to expand the use of investment-based models to finance portions of their work.  The practice of impact investing continues to mature at a rapid pace, with the IRS last month issuing additional positive guidance which may encourage more foundations to use these powerful tools. Even so, entering unfamiliar terrain can be intimidating.  

The Forbes Funds, with the generous support of the Benedum Foundation, has just completed the first phase of a research project to explore the readiness of regional foundations to consider or practice impact investing, as well as opportunities in the impact investing landscape that may be relevant to the needs of our region and its nonprofits.  

You're invited to join Matt Zieger, Vice President of The Forbes Funds, and Tony Macklin, former Executive Director of the Roy A. Hunt Foundation and lead researcher on this project, as they give us an overview of their first-hand interviews and research with the regional foundation community.  Together we'll explore the current state of impact investing nationally; review highlights of interviews with regional funders; and find out about existing practices, areas of interest, challenges and barriers identified by the region’s foundations.  We'll also discuss recommendations for next steps for regional learning and engagement for those seeking to advance the use of impact investing regionally.

Light breakfast and coffee will be served.