GWP Family Foundations Learning Network: Building Family Alignment And Impact

GWP Members Only Program
Thursday, September 12, 2019
10:00am to 12:00pm EDT
Duquesne Club, The Oliver Room
325 Sixth Avenue Pittsburgh
Pennsylvania 15222
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Building upon our first meeting in June, GWP’s Family Foundations Learning Network is reconvening with another exciting learning program for all.

Everyone affiliated with a family foundation wants its grants to have impact – a word that can mean different things to each family member. Understanding and articulating your desired impact engages family and staff in setting goals and guiding decisions your family foundation makes about its grantmaking.  

Does your foundation define impact as assisting certain individuals, such as scholarship recipients? Does it conceive of impact as building capacity in certain nonprofits? Are you interested in advancing a field like medical research, improving the lives of a certain population group, nurturing certain neighborhoods or building a movement to addresses the issues you care about? Does your foundation go beyond making grants to play other roles such as convener, lender, investor or advocate? Any of these approaches – and more - can potentially generate high impact depending on your family foundation’s interests, resources and circumstances.

Join us at this learning network to learn how local peer foundations have approached creating impact in the context of family philanthropy. We’ll hear some examples from attendees including:

Tod M. Hunt – Trustee, Roy A. Hunt Foundation

Lesley Carlin – Executive Director, McElhattan Foundation           

Do you have a good example of a grant or grants on which your family worked together and which had successful results? Bring your story to this learning network and share with others as we learn great stories together.

We suggest as a resource for this session Paul Ylvisaker’s short book “Small Can Be Effective”, available here. It’s an oldie (first published in 1989) but still a goodie. Bring other resources to share or tell others about as well.