Corporate Giving Webinar Series | CSR as a Tool for Supporting Workforce Development

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Thursday, January 18, 2018
1:00pm to 2:30pm EST
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Tune in to this webinar to hear Partners for a Competitive Workforce—a workforce development collaborative—discuss why employers can’t fill jobs, what to do about it, and how you can leverage your CSR to address the challenges in your community. You'll also hear from two corporate foundations about their efforts to leverage their skills and investments to build the talent pipeline and develop a workforce equipped to succeed in the future economy. This webinar is hosted by Philanthropy Ohio.

Target Audience:

The series is designed for staff involved with corporate foundations, giving programs, or advised funds at a community foundation; however, grantmakers of all types are invited to attend.

About Corporate Giving Series

The 2018 Corporate Giving Webinar Series is presented by Indiana Philanthropy AllianceForefrontCouncil of Michigan Foundations, and Philanthropy Ohio. The series is intended to help business professionals think smarter and perform better when it comes to combining their corporate mission with philanthropic action. Programs in this series offer data supporting the need for corporate philanthropy and development strategies to help giving programs succeed. 

1/18/2018: CSR as a Tool to Support Workforce Development (hosted by Philanthropy Ohio)

4/19/2018: Healthy Businesses Fuel Healthy Communities (hosted by Indiana Philanthropy Alliance)

7/26/2018: How Equity, Economic Security, and Liveable Wage Investments Impact Your Company’s Bottom Line (hosted by Forefront)

11/8/2018: Creating an Effective Communications Strategy (hosted by Council of Michigan Foundations)


IPA Members ($35 per webinar): To register yourself and/or a colleague at your organization, please log in and click the Register Now link above.

Members of CMF, POH, or Forefront ($35 per webinar): Members of CMFPOH, and Forefront are encouraged to register through their association’s website.

All Others ($50 per webinar): Those who do not already have an online account to IPA's website may register through the Council of Michigan Foundation’s (CMF) website here

NOTE: This webinar is available to GWP members from our partners listed below.  Since there is a fee for this program that is payable to our colleagues at IPA, a member of GWP staff will follow up with you after you complete registration on GWP's website to help you complete your registration and payment for this webinar.

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