Frequently Asked Questions

Who are GWP members?

GWP membership is open to institutional grantmakers of all types – family foundations,  independent foundations, community foundations, corporate grantmakers and other organizations that carry out grantmaking as part of meeting their mission.  Our members are clustered in western Pennsylvania, but we welcome members located at a distance who are interested in connecting with those in our region.  


What does GWP do?

We create educational programs, connections and resources for foundations and other grantmakers to help them improve their ability to make a difference in the community. 


What is a regional association of grantmakers?

A regional association of grantmakers is a professional association for individuals and organizations in the philanthropic sector.   GWP is part of a robust national network of such associations: please click here for information about our national partners.


Where can I find a list of your members/foundations?

Please note that GWP does not share any information that member organizations do not share.  For a list of member organizations and links to their websites, please visit our membership directory.


How can I become a member?

Click here for information on eligibility, our application process, and the benefits of joining GWP.   Please feel free to contact Barbara Sieck Taylor, executive director of GWP, with any questions.


I am starting a nonprofit. Where do I find information and funding?

Please see Nonprofit and Community Resources page for some helpful resources in our region.  


Does GWP make grants?

GWP is a nonprofit professional association and it does not make grants. 


Does GWP offer fundraising guidance or assistance?

GWP does not have the capacity to offer individual fundraising guidance to nonprofit organizations.  However, we are happy to provide information and referral to other community resources. 


Can I attend a GWP program or event?

If your organization is eligible to apply for GWP membership, please contact GWP for information about how to attend a GWP program as a guest.   For organizations that do not meet GWP’s criteria for membership, GWP events may be attended by invitation. 


How can I suggest a program/ event or recommend a partnership?

We welcome ideas about what grantmakers should know.  Please email us at and a member of GWP’s staff will respond.  Please note that GWP’s activities are designed not to raise awareness of the work of any single organization, but to help inform and prepare GWP members as they consider making their grant investments.