About Philanthropy

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What is a Regional Association?

Regional associations of grantmakers are membership groups of organizations and individuals who practice philanthropy. Typically, the members of regional associations (also known as RAs) include private, corporate and community foundations; corporate giving programs, United Ways; and other federations.  Many RAs also have individual donors and tax-supported entities (such as state arts or humanities councils) in their membership.    

Each regional association of grantmakers serves a specific geographical area.  In GWP’s case, our members are funding organizations located in the 26 counties of western Pennsylvania, as well as funders located elsewhere that are making grant investments in our region.    Most of our members have primary interest in supporting organizations that serve southwestern Pennsylvania.

Types of Funders

People who want to make charitable gifts have an array of ways to do so.  They can choose from among multiple vehicles – from sending a text message or writing a check, to establishing a donor-advised fund or creating a private foundation.  Whether the gift is of cash, IRA proceeds, appreciated stock or assets like artwork or real estate, donors are increasingly using some combination of tools to make the greatest community impact. 

Below are some of the most common kinds of grantmakers.  When seeking funds, be sure you understand the kind of grantmaker you are approaching and what its mission and goals are.